• Ayena / Mirror

Ayena / MirrorAyena / Veidrodis

CountriesIndija / Lietuva / Pietų Korėja // India / Lithuania / South Korea
DirectorsSiddhant Sarin, Debankon Singh Solanky
FormatsDCP / 5.1
ScriptSiddhant Sarin
CinematographerSiddhant Sarin
ComposerGintaras Sodeika
ProducersSiddhant Sarin, Arūnas Matelis, Algimantė Matelienė, Sarah Kang
Production Teh Films, Studio Nominum, Seesaw Pictures

Movie Description

A momentous revenge attack has changed the lives of two Indian women for good. Coming from conservative families in northern India, the protagonists had everything settled for them, but the acid attacks have made them social outcasts, and now they are looking for ways to rebuild their lives. Ayena documents intimate moments between the two women whose paths keep crossing. While the world only sees them as victims, they in fact lead lives full of colour, meaning and challenge.


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