• Baltic UXO

Baltic UXOBaltic UXO

DirectorDocumentary, In Production
CountriesLietuva, Vokietija// Lithuania, Germany
DirectorsAlexander Belinski, Agnė Dovydaitytė
FormatsDCP, 5.1
ScriptAlexander Belinski, Agnė Dovydaitytė
CinematographerAlexander Belinski
ProducersDagnė Vildžiūnaitė, Karsten Krause
ProductionJust a moment, Fuenfer film

Movie Description

1,6 million tons of unexploded military munition (UXO) were dumped into the Baltic and Northern Seas after the Second World War. A brooding and meditative cinematic journey observes the effects this has on nature and people around the Baltic.


Danielė Kunčinaitė
AddressLietuva // Lithuania
Phone number+37062052191