• China Sea

China SeaKinų jūra

GenreFiction, In Production
CountriesLietuva / Ukraina / Italija // Lithuania / Ukraine / Italy
DirectorsJurgis Matulevičius
CastPaulius Markevičius
FormatsDCP / 5.1
ScriptSaulė Bliuvaitė
CinematographerNarvydas Naujalis
ProducersIeva Černiauskaitė, Stasys Baltakis
ProductionVŠĮ Film Jam, 101 Films, Pronto Film

Movie Description

Disqualified from a sports federation for hitting a girl on a street, a martial arts champion spends his days in a cheap Chinese restaurant in East Europe where he tries to rediscover himself and even find love, but gets entangled in a criminal world that turns his hope for change into yet another escalation of violence.


Stasys Baltakis
AddressPanerių 6, Vilnius, LT-01312
Phone number+37060507462