• Fishing Frequencies

Fishing FrequenciesDažnių žvejyba

DirectorDocumentary, In Production
CountriesLietuva / Lithuania
DirectorsVytautas Tinteris
CastAudrius Šimkūnas
Formats4K / Dolby Atmos
ScriptVytautas Tinteris
CinematographerSilvestras Polinauskas
ComposerAudrius Šimkūnas
ProducerTeresa Rožanovska
ProductionVŠĮ „Ketvirta Versija“

Movie Description

"Fishing frequencies" tells the story of Audrius Simkunas, a field recording artist and a musician, who lives in a small town of Lithuania, Utena, where he extensively records his surroundings for over 20 years. He collects all kinds of sounds - from bats, underwater creatures to industrial sounds - empty abandoned buildings, electric circuit sounds, etc. He describes his activity rather as "a listening experience" than "recording“ one. Dressed as a modern wizard, he goes with his gadgets into nature and digs into Lithuanian Pagan mythology - looking for those primal sounds there. It's a modern fairytale about sound hunting – a mysterious ritual of discovering "the invisible world" of sounds.


Teresa Rožanovska
AddressI.Domeikos 40, Vilnius
Phone number37061807994