CountriesRusija / Airija / Lietuva / Prancūzija // Russia / Ireland / Lithuania / France
Directors Ivan I. Tverdovsky
CastVilma Kutavičiūtė, Denis Vlasenko, Anna Slyu,
FormatsDCP / 5.1
Script Ivan I. Tverdovsky
CinematographerDenis Alarcón Ramírez
Production DesignerOlga Kovalenko, Ekaterina Sheglova
ComposerKirill Richter
ProducersNatalia Mokritskaya, Samantha Taylor, Ieva Norvilienė, Guillaume de Seille
ProductionNew People Film Company, Film and Music Entertainment, Tremora, Arizona Productions

Movie Description

Dennis is a young man who knows how to survive in modern Moscow. Having just got out of a psychiatric hospital where he was unsuccessfully treated for a rare condition that makes him numb to pain, Dennis lives with his mother and makes a living by running a scam with a group of friends: a policeman, a doctor and a local judge. Dennis “jumps” on cars to fake accidents and then his partners make the victims pay to avoid prosecution and jail. One day, Dennis falls for one of his victims, Anna, which leads to a passionate love affair. What if he starts feeling not just love but also pain? Would it change him and the world he lives in?


Ieva Norvilienė
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