• Lotto - Tale of a town by the sea

Lotto - Tale of a town by the seaLoto – pasaka apie miestelį prie jūros

GenreFiction, In Production
CountriesSakartvelas / Lietuva // Sakartvelo / Lithuania
DirectorsZaza Khalvashi
CastInga Djakhutashvili, Guladi Goguadze, Levan Tedoradze, Zurab Kavtaradze
FormatsDCP / 5.1
ScriptZaza Khalvashi
CinematographerGeorgi Shvelidze
Procution DesignerAkaki Jashi
ComposerMinco Eggersman
ProducersSulkhan Turmanidze, Tekla Machavariani, Ieva Norvilienė
ProductionBatumi Art-house Film Independent Studio (BAFIS), Tremora

Movie Description

The main idea behind Rain on Two Sides is precisely the diversity of presented ideas and characters. This kaleidoscopic courtyard is a reflection of the life itself; the game of lotto, which has turned into an indispensable part of everyday existence here, reflects fortune and destiny, making everyone wonder - who gets what?! At the centre of events is of course love - Zuriko’s one-sided affection towards Aihan; Aihan on her part, is seeking a true female emancipation; hopeless Marlen becomes more absorbed by his musical practice; Qavtara cannot stop playing his detective games; newly released criminal Gaga returns to previous way of life; Karlo becomes increasingly agitated by Tania’s breasts and Karlo’s family, on the other side, become increasingly restless because of Karlo. And so on… lotto goes on! All these characters find themselves tied together by their search for true love. Everybody strives for love, and there is never enough of it.  


Ieva Norvilienė
AddressPamėnkalnio 23-7, Vilnius, LT-01113 Lietuva
Phone number+37068697584