• Nothing to laugh about

Nothing to laugh aboutMenki juokai

CountriesNorvegija / Danija / Lietuva // Norway / Denmark / Lithuania
DirectorsPetter Næss
CastOdd-Magnus Williamson, Sara Khorami, Øystein Martinsen, Karoline Krüger
Formats2k/HD Colour / 5.1
ScriptOdd-Magnus Williamson
CinematographerGaute Gunnari
Production DesignersVilius Vanagas, Saga Thiberg
ComposerAslak Hartberg
ProducersGudny Hummelvoll, Eleonore Anselme, Rikke Ennis, Ramūnas Škikas
ProductionHummelfilm, REinvent Studios, UAB Ahil

Movie Description

Kasper Berntsen is a successful stand-up comedian, who has everything he could wish for. One day everything changes. He learns that he has a serious illness, and his girlfriend puts an end to it. Kasper's rising star as a stand-up comedian is given new life, when he uses humor as a disarming and life-giving force. He discovers new sides of himself and not least - what is most important in this life.


Ramūnas Škikas
AddressLukšio g. 5, Vilnius
Phone number+370 699 32 500