• Paradise Not Lost

Paradise Not LostGabrielius. Iš Neprarastojo Rojaus

GenreDocumentary, In Production
CountriesLietuva // Lithuania
DirectorsLinas Mikuta
FormatsDCP, Dolby
ScriptLinas Mikuta
CinematographerKristina Sereikaitė
ComposerLinas Rimša
ProducerLinas Mikuta
ProductionLela Films

Movie Description

For Gabriel, a teenager with an autism spectrum disorder, who has suffered from mental and physical ailments for many years, and who has repeatedly stood on the verge of death, fate gives him another test - the divorce of his parents. It might be the end of the world for another kid his age, but for Gabriel it's just another stop on the Golgotha of his life. He blesses this world as it is - with sins and misfortunes. He dances in churches and churches, flips thick bibles with his long fingers, rings bells, communicates with priests and saints, although his mother and his beloved animals only understand his language.