CountriesLietuva // Lithuania
DirectorsEmilis Vėlyvis
CastVytautas Kaniušonis, Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Ainis Storpirštis, Vaidotas Martinaitis, Toma Vaškevičiūtė
FormatsDCP / 5.1
ScriptEmilis Vėlyvis, Jonas Banys
CinematographerFeliksas Abrukauskas
Production DesignerPolina Rudchik
ComposerKipras Mašanauskas
ProducersDaiva Jovaišienė, Asta Liukaitytė, Donatas Šimukauskas
ProductionVšĮ Kino kultas

Movie Description

Dirty secrets, buried deep within past lives of local political elite, come back to haunt the town they have claimed as their own.

Gintas is a retiring chief of police in an idyllic provincial town. He is loved by people, respected by friends, and valued by his subordinates. He is also a member of a tight-knit group of local political elite who has ruled the town for many years. 

Gruesome death of a District Attorney (and Gintas’s best friend) comes the moment when Gintas is announcing his candidacy for the post of the town’s mayor. No foul play is suspected and Gintas is sure he is the only one who knows exactly, why his friend has committed suicide. Gintas is shocked but quite happy to lay his former friend and his dirty secrets at rest as fast as possible. 

But then Attorney General’s office sends in a special investigator. Young and ambitious Special investigator Simonas is a direct opposite of Gintas. Where Gintas relies on his gut feeling, Simonas sticks to the protocol. Where Gintas is willing to do things his own way, Simonas follows the rules and procedures. Their joint investigation soon becomes a clash of different generations, different worldviews, and oversized egos. 

Then it turns out District Attorney did not commit suicide but was murdered. The mounting evidence points to Gintas, and the more Gintas struggles to prove his innocence, the larger number of dirty secrets and strange coincidences surface. 

As invisible killer starts murdering other members of town’s political elite, Gintas finds himself running not only for his freedom, but for his very life. Step by step he loses his friends, his reputation, his family and, finally – his sanity. Incidentally – he is the only one, who figures out what is the meaning of strange symbolic objects found near the bodies of the victims. A wad of old Soviet rubles, a severed head of a moose, honey smeared on one of bodies – these are the clues that lead to the truth, buried in memories of 30 years past. Memories from the times of the collapse of the Soviet Union, when a tight-knit group of young ambitious KGB agents decide to do everything in their power to pave their way to a bright and prosperous future. Everything, including betrayal and murder. 

As Simonas methodically follows in the footsteps of the killer, Gintas is left to stare helplessly as the young angry generation mercilessly destroys the fake paradise he and his old buddies have built on blood and deceit.


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